Afaf Abu Sirhan

MSc Library and Information Sc
جامعة الحسين بن طلال

عدد مرات قراءة هذه الدراسة



Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws and Their Impact on Digital Resources in Jordan
MSc Afaf Abu Sirhan
[العدد التاسع. شوال، 1431 الموافق سبتمبر، 2010]



         There are many obstacles and problems hindering digital resources in libraries according to librarians and administrators. These problems affect global economy, in general, and Jordanian economy, in particular. Piracy effectively destroys the creative initiative of Jordanian inventors and scientists. The international copyright laws, including Jordanian legislation provide Intellectual property rights holders with a great deal of protection. This research demonstrates at the importance of intellectual property and copyright lows in Jordan and deals with the international conventions on intellectual property and signed by Jordan. Finally, the research proposes a number of recommendations on how Jordan can combat problems and improves the enforcement of IPR legislations in the country.